In-House Tests

We conduct the following tests in-house so that you don't have to travel to other locations

Addtional services

On Site Facilities

For the convenience of our patients, we provide a range of services on-site

Community Pharmacy (On-Site)

AZ Pharmacy: 352-708-4219

  • We cater to all SFP locations
  • - Monthly Pill Pack
  • - Low Cost
  • - Medication Management
  • - All Major Insurances Accepted
  • - Free Delivery

Access Center

KJV Insurance: 863-248-1111

  • One on One assistance with applications for
  • - Medicaid
  • - Food Stamps
  • - Medicare Savings Program
  • Contact us to see how you can get a FREE phone/tablet

Wellness Center

Our in-house wellness center provides patients with comprehensive health services and personalized wellness programs to improve their overall health and wellbeing

Transportation Services

Our complimentary transportation service provides patients with a convenient and safe way to travel to and from our medical clinic, ensuring they have access to the care they need